Rosemarie DeAngelis

Firm Name:De Angelis Consulting
Address 1:30 Buttonwoood St
South Portland, ME 04106
Work Phone:207-799-0219
Hourly Rate:$85
Retainer Amount:$2000

Rosemarie DeAngelis
Rosemarie DeAngelis
Rosemarie DeAngelis
Rosemarie DeAngelis
Accepts ProBono:Yes
Accepts Reduced Rate:Yes
Parent Coordinator:Probate - Title 18; Family - Title 19-A

My work has involved those from a very young age through teenage years. I especially enjoy getting to know my clients, specifically the children, and take time to understand all the options at hand. Understanding the dynamics, the personal circumstances of each case and the attitudes and behaviors involved help me to make better suggestions.

I have knowledge and particular expertise with special needs children, including those on the autism spectrum.  I also have extensive background working with people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and have served as an immigrant/refugee advocate in many settings over the past 8 years.

The premise of my work is that all children deserve to have a happy, healthy and safe relationship with both parents; my work is to determine if this is possible, and if so, how to make that happen.  I work hard to help parents see and understand the needs of their children and to try to see ‘the possibilities’ to resolve the matter. Children are gifts, and I emphasize the challenges they endure when parents are in conflict.

I listen and I am a firm believer that "slow is fast,” so I take time. Time can help everyone see things more clearly, particularly those things that affect children most. I make every effort to be conscientious about how I do my investigation, being thorough but trying to not consume large portions of money. My goal is resolution, whenever and wherever possible; I focus intently on the Best Interest Standards in the law and am always ready to answer any questions to help everyone understand what this means.

I am easy to approach, for both children and adults, and welcome a phone conversation if you prefer that before you decide. I am open to ideas, including innovative suggestions that might get us to a solution. I believe that if parents participate in the process with a goal of being 'child focused', the potential for a positive outcome is greatly increased..

Rostered as GAL-2003; Masters degree plus 45 hours of post-Masters coursework/multiple other trainings