• Co-Parenting Courses
    Choose to end parental conflict, for the sake of children. Separation and divorce create a significant risk factor for children. Learn to manage that risk collaboratively to reduce or even eliminate the negative impacts on your children.
  • Resource Listings
    List of mental health professionals, substance abuse counselors and mediators. Though by no means a comprehensive list, we hope these resources are able to assist you in your work with families in Maine.
  • Becoming a GAL: FAQs
    These Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs - are essential reading for anyone interested in becoming a Guardian ad litem in Maine.
  • Books
    Listing of books that have been helpful to Guardians in their work with families and children.
  • Links for GALs
    Links interest for Guardians ad Litem in Maine and elsewhere.
  • Links for Families
    Sites that you may find as useful resources when dealing with the families on your case load.
  • All Web Links